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Green Power Solutions provides the next generation of smarter, efficient, reliable and sustainable power and lighting.


Green Power Solutions provides rental solutions, short or long term, of efficient, reliable and sustainable biodiesel power generator and lighting solutions to the construction industry, governments and businesses across Australia. As our name suggests, we do more than provide rental products – we like to solve problems.

Always striving to be ahead of change, we go beyond just being a rental solutions provider. We’re providing environmental solutions for the short, medium and long term.


A strong background in civil, mining and engineering, a commitment to innovation and research and more than 20 plus years of industry experience led to the formation of the Green Power Solutions team. Close and ongoing collaboration with research facilities and manufacturers benefits our customers as we create solutions that work.

We’re experienced in the market and fully equipped with the right background and industry expertise to help businesses achieve greater efficiency in their projects.

Our Partners

Green Power Solutions uses a select group of engine manufacturers to keep product uniformity, in turn offering higher reliability. Together with our manufacturing partner Shindaiwa, we’ve placed more than 1,500 generators across Australia. Japanese manufactured Shindaiwa generators are world-renowned as being the premium product in this area, bringing you the ultimate in efficiency, reliability and sustainability.

With a growing demand for off grid energy solutions, GPS has introduced a range of Hybrid battery storage banks to manage site power loads and further reduce fuel

consumption. Hybrid power systems using solar energy ensure, cleaner air, carbonreduction and considerable fuel savings can be made.

GPS offers a broad range of lighting products, customizing to suit any application, and covering every customers’ needs. Combined with the latest innovations in LED, hybrid battery technology, and remote monitoring for mobile, fixed or portable lighting, we have solutions to satisfy civil, mining, film, festival and specialised events markets with a quick response on site.

Shindaiwa Generators

The Shindaiwa brand is synonymous with leading edge Japanese design and engineering, high performance and durability around the world. This is proven time and again by testimonials from commercial customers who use our products under extremely harsh conditions. After years of reliable use, they come back for another Shindaiwa. Why? Because of the consistent quality and dependability they have come to expect.


Italtower is an established and well-regarded Italian manufacturer of well-designed and precision-engineered lighting towers for a range of industrial, commercial and event applications. Creativity, Italian flair and solid reliability is built into every lighting product Italtower manufactures, thanks to the passion, skill and knowledge of its engineers.

The Italtower product range is available in Australia under the Site Bright brand.

Off Grid Energy

Off Grid Energy is dedicated to the delivery of independent hybrid power solutions that offer the highest quality in terms of performance, energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

Off Grid Energy systems can combine conventional power generation with renewable resources like solar PV and wind power where the result is a unique and innovative tailored solution for independent energy needs.

Off Grid Energy manufactures Grid to Go™, a transportable version of our solution that can be used as an alternative to, or together with, a diesel generator to reduce running costs and carbon emissions.

We’ve invested a lot of time and resources into producing Australia’s cleanest and most reliable biodiesel powered equipment. Our readiness to be curious, to continue our journey of discovery, means the most up-to-date and forward-thinking sustainable energy solutions are at the core of what we do.

We never stop in our quest to find and develop greener and more efficient energy solutions.

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Green Power Solutions

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