Fuel Storage

Safe, secure fuel
storage options, from
950 litres to 6000 litres or more.

Good question. Different generators and light towers consume fuel at different rates. And those rates vary depending on the kinds of loads they have to deal with.

The good news is that we have answers for all those things. So, skip all the tech specs that follow, click on the button below, and let’s start getting you fuelled up.

Yes, but how much fuel storage will I need?

Configuration Details

Tank Size


950 L (Type 1)

950 L (Type 2)

1,200 L (Type 1)

1,800 L (Type 1)

2,000 L (Type 2)

3,000 L (Type 2)

4,500 L (Type 2)

5,000 L (Type 2)

5,950 L (Type 2)

6,300 L (Type 1)


Footprint (L x W) mm


1,380 x 1,690

1,540 x 1,060

1,380 x 1,690

2,250 x 1,690

2,270 x 1,050

2,270 x 1,525

2,990 x 2,050

2,720 x 2,310

3,565 x 2,250

4,190 x 2,260

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