Hybrid Power

Hybrid power systems are a cleaner and more cost effective way to generate power, with dramatically lower carbon and other hazardous emissions.

Why Hybrid Power?

Hybrid power systems save money, reduce maintenance, make less noise, all while gaining greater efficiency and cleaner air. Everybody wins.

In much the same way as a hybrid car combines the use of a battery and an engine to deliver fuel efficiency and environmental benefits, hybrid power systems can combine solar, a diesel generator with an energy storage system to achieve the same result.

More often than not, incorrectly sized diesel generators are overrated for the job in hand and spend much of their time running but doing very little work. This results in poor fuel economy, under loading and unnecessarily high levels of pollution, carbon emissions and noise pollution.

The graphic shows how a generator’s fuel economy rapidly falls when working at low load. Up to four or five times more fuel is consumed to generate one kilowatt hour of energy at 10% load compared to working at 50% load or above. Because energy is rarely

consumed at a continuous rate, many generators spend most of their time running at very low load.

The introduction of hybrid technology means that, when there is a low demand for power, the generator can be turned off so that just the battery supplies the power. When the battery runs low or demand for power increases then the generator is automatically started. This way, the generator only runs when absolutely necessary, and works efficiently when it does. Even accounting for energy conversion losses (called round trip efficiency) the result is less fuel consumed for the same amount of energy generated.

What is more, the battery can assist the generator during short bursts of high power demand, so a smaller generator can be used.

Adding sustainably sourced and 100% renewable biodiesel into the equation further improves environmental outcomes.

The result is a cleaner and more cost effective way of generating power with dramatically lower carbon and other hazardous emissions, a zero carbon footprint and less noise. Good for the environment, good for business and good for worker health. A win/win/win!

Two examples of how Hybrid Power

could work for you.

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