Battery Hybrids

In much the same way as a hybrid car combines the use of a battery and an engine to deliver fuel efficiency and environmental benefits, hybrid power systems combine a diesel generator with an energy storage system to achieve the same result.

More often than not, diesel generators are overrated for the job and spend much of their time doing very little work.  This results in poor fuel economy and the worst levels of pollution, carbon emissions and noise nuisance.

The introduction of hybrid technology means that, when there is a low demand for power, the generator can be turned off and the battery supplies the power.

When the battery runs low or demand for power increases then the generator is automatically started.  This way, the generator only runs when it has to and works hard when it does.  What is more, the battery can “assist” the generator during short bursts of high power demand, so a smaller generator can be used.

The result is a cleaner and more cost effective way of generating power with lower carbon emissions and less noise.



INGENIUM is a universal Energy Storage System (ESS) ideally suited to a range of applications, delivering reliable power in the most cost effective and environmentally sensitive way.

Energy stored within the unit is converted electronically into mains power. Power can be derived from integrated solar PV, connection to an external gird supply or from a diesel generator or wind turbine.

Energy is automatically managed from any or all of these energy sources to ensure the most efficient, lowest maintenance and best environmental impact is achieved. Remote communication ensures real time monitoring and maintenance can be effected from any location in the world.



  • 400/230V 50Hz 3Ø 45kVA
  • GSM Remote monitoring
  • Deep cycle maintenance free li-Ion battery
  • 90kWh stored energy
  • Full system DC isolator with pre-charge
  • 100A pass-through capacity
  • Advanced EMS with touch screen control
  • V50 PowerTM for enhanced DC bus stability

Many Standard Features

The new INGENIUM offers optional features that include automatic system bypass with options that range from 125 to 400A meaning connection of up to 300kVA input without need for additional switchgear, an advanced EMS (Energy Management System) with touch sensitive control panel and automatic DC isolator switch with pre-charge feature. Custom configurable input/output arrangement ensures interface to suit your specific needs.

Alternative Battery Technologies

Battery type and specification are critical for reliable performance. The INGENIUM unit is available with alternative battery options that include OPzV-S GEL (to 90kWh), Lead Carbon up to 110kWh and Li-Ion NMC (to 200kWh) offering different properties and to suit specific budgets. Please discuss your needs with a technical advisor to establish the most appropriate specification for your requirements.



  • 400/230V 50Hz 3Ø output, 9kVA
  • GSM Remote monitoring
  • Maintenance free battery (Lead or Lithium)
  • 20kWh stored energy (option up to 60kWh)
  • Full system DC isolator with pre-charge
  • 50A pass-through capacity
  • 50A Auto full system bypass
  • Integrated smart Solar PV storage capability
  • Advanced EMS with smart device control
  • V50 Power™  for enhanced DC bus stability

In Summary ...

Hybrid battery power systems save fuel, reduce CO2, cut emissions and eliminate noise. You will also have control of your energy use and have a basis to manage strategy and policy.

Being clean, saving carbon and cutting noise are all important and commendable achievements but underpinning all of that with tangible financial benefit makes for a compelling argument.

Our technology is used widely in utilities, construction, events, broadcast and telecommunications as well as a host of other weird and wonderful applications.

Every situation is different, the scale of benefits will vary and each benefit will rank in different order but, ultimately, it makes sense.

If you want to know more about how you can make savings and impact the environment through more efficient power generation then our sales team will be happy to help.

Why not join our growing list of blue chip customers already enjoying the benefits of hybrid power ?

Alternative Battery Technologies

The gridtogoTM INGENIUM MX can be fitted with alternative types and capacity of maintenance battery that include OPzV, Lead Carbon or Li-Ion, each offering different properties and to suit specific budgets. Please discuss your needs with a technical advisor to establish the most appropriate specification for your requirements. Depending on the type and capacity of battery that is selected, storage capacity of up top 60kWhrs is possible.

Harsh Environment Preparation

For applications where harsh environmental conditions are anticipated, the gridtogoTM INGENIUM MX can be built to a specification that provides a higher level of ingress protection, galvanised enclosure and additional measures to increase resilience to such rigorous conditions. Please discuss your requirements with us.

Choose Hybrid Power

saving fuel icon

Saving Fuel

In a hybrid system, we only run the generator when there is work to do. We add to the work by charging the battery, making it burn fuel efficiently. When there is less work to do, we turn the generator off and use the energy stored in the battery. Even when we account for energy conversion losses (called round trip efficiency) the result is less fuel consumed for the same amount of energy generated.

save money icon

Saving Money

Fewer running hours means that generator service intervals are less frequent too, saving cost, reducing road journeys and creating less waste oil & materials.
When you calculate fuel savings, as well as the cost saved by switching to a smaller generator, there will be a net financial win.

reduce carbon icon

Reduce Carbon

This bit is really simple. CO2 emissions are directly linked to fuel savings.

If we use our construction site example from the previous page and go for the middle, saving 750 litres of fuel equates to 1987.5 kg of CO2 saved per week. That is more than an average family car produces in a year!

You could say that is the equivalent to taking more than 52 cars off the road altogether!

Better combustion means cleaner air

It’s a matter of irony that large generators are often operated under load bank conditions (termed “banking”) where an entirely pointless load that burns electrical energy off into the atmosphere as heat, to make the generator work harder and stop the engine sooting up! Hybrid systems load the generator to charge the battery then turn it off and use the energy stored; win-win!

reduce noise icon

Reduce Noise

Noise is, of course, subjective but you really can notice when a generator turns off. It is often the case that power is needed in noise sensitive locations such as a residential area where night-time noise would be an issue.

Hybrid power systems can be specifically programmed so that running the generator at designated times can be avoided altogether.

Other stuff

The energy mix: Battery storage systems provide a much more stable output than a generator and so energy generated by renewables can connect and contribute to saving use of the battery.

The other kind of clean power: Power that is created from a battery storage system is ultra stable or 1“clean”, because it is generated by electronics that react very quickly to causes of disturbance and so create electricity that is of the highest quality.

Working with the grid: Battery storage can, as an alternative, work to “top-up” and assist the grid supply and cover these short term peaks in demand. When load is low the battery can re-charge from spare grid power.