Hybrid Lighting

Green Power Solutions offer energy efficient mobile lighting towers and surface mount lighting towers for hire.

The latest in innovation, our hybrid lighting solutions create transition pathways to Net Zero emissions. These are powered by biodiesel-fuelled generators, providing environmentally sustainable lighting. The mobile light towers utilise LED bulbs powered by biodiesel-fuelled generators, mounted on a go-anywhere trailer. These are compact and easily transportable.

The surface mounted light towers are heavy duty and are stable sources of lighting for long-term deployments. These are available as hybrid systems and are energy efficient. At a height of 8.5 meters and with hydraulic lift systems, they are simple to operate and can be tilted.

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Mobile Lighting Towers

Configuration & Performance Details

Lift SystemHydraulic TelescopicHydraulic TelescopicHydraulic TelescopicHydraulic TelescopicHydraulic Telescopic
Tank Capacity116L100L150L140L110L
Fuel Consumption1.0L/hr0.55L/hr0.6L/hr0.6L/hr0.55L/hr
Operating Manual--- Download -


Surface Mount Lighting Towers

Configuration & Performance Details

EngineDieselHybrid Diesel/BattDiesel
Lift SystemHydraulic TelescopicHydraulic TelescopicHydraulic Telescopic
Light TypeLED (4x300W)LED (4x150W)LED (4x300W)
Tank Capacity170L170L120L
Fuel Consumption1.0L/hr0.25L/hr0.6L/hr
Operating Manual- Download Download