Choosing a biofuel or biodiesel generator is choosing to work towards a sustainable future and Net Zero carbon emissions. Based in Victoria, we have a vast range of eco-friendly biofuel and biodiesel generators for sale or hire.


A biodegradable fuel produced from renewable energy sources like vegetable oils and animal fat, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 34% in comparison to normal diesel.


Biofuel generators have low-hazard air emission, which yield 93% more energy and displace 41% less greenhouse gases.

A standard diesel generator can emit 2.65kg of CO2 for every litre of fuel consumed. If the generator is older, the emission levels are higher. The pollution caused by traditional diesel generators can be carcinogenic causing safety concern for workers. Unlike diesel generators that can create 2.65kg of CO2 for every litre of fuel consumed (or likely more for older or poorly tuned units) biodiesel has a lower-carbon footprint for generating power. Further outcomes are fuel security, energy efficiency and up to 100% reduction in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) carbon emissions.

We assess and service our generators regularly to maintain optimal efficiency. In hiring or purchasing our generators and allowing us to manage your refuelling, we provide a generator performance report, a monthly Carbon Reduction Certificate (CRC) and carbon management data to calculate how many tonnes of carbon emissions have been avoided.